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Ada Lovelace Day live at the RI!

Do you know who the first computer programmer was?

Many people consider it to have been Ada Lovelace – an English mathematician and writer who worked closely with Charles Babbage and his Analytical Engine. Ada’s notes on the engine include what is recognised as the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine. The computer programming language Ada is named for her 

As an organisation committed to supporting and promoting women, we LOVE the organisation behind Ada Lovelace Day, Finding Ada – a great volunteer run organisation which celebrates the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. Started in 2009 , it has now grown to the extent that in 2012 there were 25 independently-organised grassroots events in the UK, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden and the USA, as well as online; in 2013 there were 44 grassroots events around the world, including in Europe, Africa, America, and South America. This year, there are already 35 events planned, including one in Australia, with more coming in every day. It’s turning into a real ground up movement which is a wonderful thing.

This year, Ada Lovelace Day has partnered with the Royal Institution for Ada Lovelace Day Live on the evening of Tuesday 14 October 2014. Tickets are free for Ri Members and Fellows, £6 for Ri Associates, £8 for Concessions and £12 for everyone else, and are available now. Speakers include our friend Helen Czerski, Konnie Huq and Roma Agrawal – a structural engineer who is part of the team that built the Shard.

It looks like it will be a great night – do buy a ticket early if you want to come. The space holds just 440 people and events sell out fast!


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