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Pink Stinks

Next up and last in our day of the girl top of the pops is Pink Stinks.

If you’ve not heard of them we’re surprised – they have a powerful voice from what is a tiny organisation. They don’t hate pink –but they hate that pink has become the signpost for all things girl. From an increasingly young age, children are being funnelled into identifying with toys, games and other products, which separate them and narrow their range of play and experience. When the pink section is full of lipsticks and make up kits and princess dresses – when girls are told, shown and led to believe that those are *their* things and they’re not allowed anything else, there’s often not room left or magnifying glasses and dumper trucks.

They have reached parliamentary committees and the mainstream media regularly and have won awards for their activism. We think that most people don’t know how tiny Pink Stinks is – it really is. All power to Abe and Emma for their work.

We love Pink Stinks campaigns – do check them out on facebook and twitter


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