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Patchwork Present

Here at Who Made Your Pants? we hate waste. We hate wasted fabric – so we use stuff leftover from big underwear companies and make pants out of it. And we hate the wasted resource and talent when people are unable to find jobs or access services so we make jobs and signpost women to services.

Our friends over at Patchwork Present hate waste too. So much so that they are set up to allow friends and family to come together to fund the one gift that someone – or sometwo or more – really want.

It’s a genius idea , ‘a whip round’ as founder Liv’s nan calls it. And it’s simplicity masks a wonderful elegance.

How many times have you been given a bit of plastic tat because someone felt they needed to give you *something* but didn’t know what you wanted and didn’t have much spare cash? Or – worse, perhaps, been given an expensive present by someone who obviously thought they’d hit the nail on the head – only for you to have to do *that* smile that says ‘receipt please’? How much more amazing would it have been if they’d been able to put that fiver towards the one present you really wanted?

If you want to go to space or have some new shoes or want to become a crazy cat lady or just eat a lot of cheese there is a patchwork already made for you – or you can build your own. We LOVE that gifts can start from just £1 – everyone can really, genuinely help.

If you’ve something in mind for Christmas, or a wedding to plan – or just got your eye on something fabulos – do check them out.


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