Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

It’s not just pants

Living our work day in and day out, and forgetting that not *everyone* is as pant obsessed as us, it’s really interesting to find out what people do and don’t know about us. We don’t tell all of our stories all the time as we tend to think that people know then – and then we remember that there are 7 billion people in he world let alone 70 million in the UK. And we remember still have some stories to tell

So today we wanted to tell you a little bit about what we do that’s not pants.

We are first and foremost a social business. We exist to create jobs for women who need them. We could be making tables, cars or felt tip pens. The product almost doesn’t matter – the point is that we wanted to make jobs, and we needed a product that we thought people would buy to be the vehicle to make those jobs. And I wanted some pink lace ethical knickers – so we make pants.

But we do a lot more than just make pants.

We teach English. We teach employability – how to call in sick, how to ask for holiday, why being on time is important. We teach sewing skills – sometimes to people who have none – you don’t have to be able to sew, read or write to get a job here. We teach professionalism and teamwork. We teach that there are formal ways of doing things –  bits of paper to fill in and whiteboards to read. We talk about what clinics there are and who to talk to about a bad tooth, or – on one memorable occasion what ‘wedgie’ meant. On that day, to us, it meant, ‘ah, you have a teenage son’. We talk about all kinds of religious festivals, and athiesm too. We talk about school, school governors, why bank holidays are so called. We learn about life and work in other countries – it;s most certainly not just one way. And we have lunch together, every day, at 12.30. We all stop and just be women together. It’s GOOD.

We make pants. But we don’t make jobs to make pants. We make pants to make jobs.



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