Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

£40 free spending money. Oh, and we love ecotricity.

We’ve been partnered with ecotricity for over a year now. Its a simple deal. Switch to them via us (use this page which is tied to us) and they’ll give us, to give you,  £40 to spend with us. We help them grow, you get spending money and that works all round.

The reasons why we love ecotricity are simple. They are a small, personal business, started by one man with a few big ideas. They were the world’s first green energy company. They are mavericks, doing what they think will work – and doing it well.  They’ve worked with the Millenium Dome, Sainsburys and B and Q – big names in the UK. And on the other end of things, if you ring up and speak to Louise, and then the next day ring up again, you speak to Louise again. The same Louise. And it’s her real name. We like businesses like that. I’m a customer of theirs at home (we can’t be at work as we’re in a shared building and we don’t have a say in the suppliers) and wouldn’t dream of switching.

When we recommend them its because we genuinely like them. And we were proud as anything when they asked to partner with us.

So. To business. Do you want £40 to spend with us AND cheaper, greener, frack free bills?

It usually takes about 6 weeks for the switch to complete and for you to get your lovely spending money. So right about now is pretty much the last time to switch in time to get your dosh for Christmas.

Go green. Get pants. Hoooray!




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