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Christmas Pants to Yarl’s Wood

Send a gift and a message today to a woman in detention

Today, for one day only on 2 December, we are partnering with Women For Refugee Women and Yarl’s Wood Befrienders to support women who are refugees in detention in the UK

Buy a pair of pants or a pack – from us today and you will have the option to buy another pair, or a pack, at half price to send to a woman who has fled persecution and is locked up in the UK, with a personal message from you.

They will be personally given to the women in Yarl’s Wood detention centre by Heather Jones of Yarl’s Wood Befrienders, a small charity that goes into Yarl’s Wood on a daily basis to support and listen to women detainees.

Romola Garai

Romola Garai, the actress, who visited Yarl’s Wood with Women For Refugee Women last year, is sending a gift and a message and says:

‘I’m sending this gift and message to tell a woman in detention that I am thinking of her this Christmas. I hope that all refugee women in detention will soon be released.’

We are so pleased to be able to do this. Detention is not a good place to be. Research by Women For Refugee Women and other refugee organisations has revealed that women who are survivors of rape, sexual violence and other torture are often being held in immigration detention for long periods when they come to this country to seek asylum, and that this detention has a very negative impact on their mental health. Women in detention often only have the clothes they were wearing when they were detained – and that can, necessarily, mean just one pair of their own pants. Pants are given to them – but they’re issued not chosen and there’s something about that that just feels horrible. Pants are important – in some places, the lack of a second pair of pants can mean that girls don’t attend school during their period (for more on menstrual hygiene check out Menstrual Hygiene Day) .  The indignity of not having spare pants is something few of us have to worry about – and something that no woman, or girl, ought ever have to worry about.

It can be so hard to know what to do to help women in need – but this one thing is something so useful, so practical – and so personal. We genuinely hope it will go some way to helping women to feel a bit more cared about.

If you want to – and are in a position to – send a gift to a woman in need, visit our Women For Refugee Women page and buy some lifechanging pants today.

Thank you.


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