Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Let’s Talk About Pants

Come and talk pants with us!

In the dark days of February when Christmas is a distant memory but summer is still a long way off, come and have a glass of wine and some pizza with us while we talk about Pants.

We want to know what you’re looking for in a pair of pants – and we want to find a way of showing that.

We think that women are More Than Just Sexy but that pants are almost always advertised as being sexy – as if that’s all women can possibly be while they’re wearing their pants.

We wear our pants whether we feel sexy or not and we want to create images that show just that.

Come and show us what you want to see! Make it, draw it, collage it or model it! Bring magazines or catalogues with images you do or don’t like, and your imagination. We’ll provide glue, scissors, pencils, pens, pants and a camera – come ready to collage or draw, or stand up and show us and we’ll take a picture

We’re going to be in London  on the 3rd February, Manchester on the 10th February and Birmingham on the 25th February. Sign up here for London Sign up here for Birmingham Sign up here for Manchester  We so hope to see you there!

EDIT 5th February 2015 – Please note that we need at least 25 people in the room (which going by usual ways of running events probably means we need about 50 people to sign up) to make these events fun and creative – but also to make it worth us spending. We’re a tiny organisation and every penny we spend on anything that’s not wages is, well, being not spent on wages.


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