Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are again, happy as can be!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We did. We’re back in the office today – just us in the office, not the factory – and we’re plotting and preparing and planning all the wonderful things to come this year.

First up is our sale which launched this morning.  Sale pants ordered today will be in the post on Monday and Tuesday , and the team will be back and the machines whirring on Tuesday too.

So – what have we got coming up this year? Well, we’re working on restocking Hannah and Henrietta, we’re at the design stage with some new shapes and we’re looking into how we might buy actually brand new fabrics – if we were to buy new fabrics, rather than reclaimed ones, what would they be made of? What do we like in terms of environmental impact and comfort? We LOVE buying reclaimed fabrics but we can’t guarantee we’ll get enough to make enough (and of course then sell enough) pants to pay our bills so we’re having to look – carefully – at alternatives.

We’re also planning Man Pants to be back on sale in December. We’re looking at our budgets and how many people are working how many hours and wondering if and when we can bring in a new person to the factory. We have so many women on our waiting list and we’d love to give everyone an opportunity but we believe we can serve women better by giving each new starter real one to one support – so at the moment that means one person at a time. Speaking of that, we’re aiming for all of our post and packing work to be handled by our team this year.  New skills. new experiences – what’s not to like?

We’ve an exciting trade fair to go to in Paris, and our wonderful Hannah is coming back regularly. It looks like 2015 is set to be a good one!

Hope your new start is feeling as exciting as ours! Here’s to a tremendous 2015!



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