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Galentine’s Day

Have you heard of  Galentine’s Day? If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation you may well have –  according to Leslie Knope, it’s only the best day of the year. 

We LOVE the idea of a day to celebrate our women friends (we tend to celebrate them on International Women’s Day and Day of the Girl too – can’t have too much of a good thing) and this year we’re running a competition for you and a friend to win a Best Friend pack each. Containing a pair each of our best selling Brilliant Black and brand new Bazooooka Aimee shorts, this is a gorgeous pack, we smile every time we look at it!

WMYP Jan 15 _104899LRBC8Frontbazooooka f lr


To be in with a chance to winning, just tell us – in the comments below, on facebook or twitter, why your best friend is the best by 5pm on Wednesday 11th – we’ll announce the winner on Thursday 12th and with luck your pants will be with you on Galentine’s Day itself!


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20 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    On holiday with my oldest friend Sarah, she awoke in the night to find me tweaking her nose. “What are you doing?” she said remarkably calmly. “Trying to turn the light on” came the bleary reply.
    She still loves me and has shared a room with me since. Surely she deserves some super pants?!

  2. Amanda martin says:

    my friend Nicola is the greatest friend you could ever wish for. We went through school and university together, and then life began to take over, and we only kept in touch with the odd phone call and Xmas cards etc. fast forward ten years, I was having a terrible time in a struggling marriage with an alcoholic husband, which I had tried to deal with on my own, and kept hidden from friends and family. Then out of the blue Nicola called to say hi, I didn’t talk about my problems and thought no more of it, until a few days later she texted me saying she had a spare room should I ever need it, no questions. Anyway she gave me the courage to leave my alcoholic husband, and with the cat under my arm I moved in with Nicola, and two years on we are still happy flat mates!!! I have no idea what I would have done without her, emotionally, financially she helped me through, even planning things for us to do every weekend for several months to stop me feeling sorry for myself !!! This girl is one in a million, and a true friend whose instincts told her I needed help.

  3. meera says:

    For elly, and all the adventures we’ve had together:
    from a first moment of hysteria, through the wars over washing up, food parcels in the post, countless cups of tea, emergency pants excursions, sellotaped broken glasses and broken hearts, every whatsapped photo of every rash, existential crises, public poetry recitals, purple lipstick, daily sanity checks, gratuitous swearing, shower singing, tofu panic buying, DIY hair dying and (almost) every charity shop in north london.
    Because she’s magnificent, ridiculous, infuriating and completely loopy, but always there on the worst days, and the best. Because she always knows when it’s time to tell me to get a grip and even better, when to put the kettle on.
    And because she’s the only person I’ve met who has posted a treacle tart.

  4. Elly Lock says:

    For Dr Meera:
    She’s not an angel or a saint, but she literally cures the sick
    And in her spare time she knits, and she knits, and she knits
    and even when I leave my knitted gifts on buses
    she still lets me recite her endless verses
    of the wasteland. and though we exchange
    endless utterings of “life is strange”
    we sort of like it, life, this life
    these sundays pondering how and why
    countless hours of father ted
    and tea to rouse me from my bed.
    When I couldn’t get up,
    she dragged me up. and
    I’m sure I don’t say
    thank you enough.
    for the woman who
    would walk 7 miles
    to save a pound fifty,
    and who has the most
    sincere, barmy, unpredicted
    laugh, inciting further laughter
    and joy, abundant, can I say:
    Just make it happen.

  5. Helena says:

    Sharon and I are both English teachers living in Japan, and she moved into the next door apartment almost two years ago. When you’re more than six thousand miles from home, just having someone to lean on is priceless. But being able to share a ton of things in common with them to boot is like striking gold.

    So, dear! Thank you for coaching me through all my bug-related nightmares – especially that one opportunistic stinkbug in my kitchen! Thank you for joining me to eat my body weight in sushi (or strawberries, or sweets or, to ruin my s-theme, here, korean barbeque). And thank you for that time you ran out and hugged me in the street at 3am after that one earthquake (even though we should really have been hiding indoors with pillows over our heads and I should have taken it in stride, it being my third year at the time and all…!)

    I can’t even say how lucky I am to have Just So Happened to have someone living next door who can finish my sentences, and has the same sense of humour and appreciation for stupid/dirty jokes as me – though to be fair the British-English/Irish-English related language barrier can make things dirtier than they really are (“good frontage”, dear?!)

    Sharon, thank you for everything up until now – and everything after. Here’s to more cakes in the postbox, more sweets nights, and more daft photos!

    Kore kara mo, yoroshiku!

  6. Marie says:

    I moved back to the UK at 8 months pregnant, to a brand new area with a toddler in tow. The first person I met at a group was Lisa, she was the sanity in all the madness. A couple of years on and she is still the sensible one. We have great fun and see each other as much as the little ones (and the big ones) allow. nothing mad, just a great mummy friend who coincidentally makes great home made biscuits!

  7. Alice says:

    Sneaky last minute post about my bestie, Lois. When Lois joined our class in Year 1, she was put on my table -‘spiders.’ Lois hated spiders and was teeny tiny and VERY shy, whereas I was tall with a massive fringe (thanks mum!) and quite bossy. So I was told to look after her.
    We were in the same class all the way through three schools, and though we always had other friends, we always had each other most of all.
    One of my favourite memories of Lois is of us thinking it was hilarious to wash up in our dire hotel room in Ibiza, using her last pair of clean knickers as a dish cloth. Another memory is of us recording a radio advert for underwear on her cassette player, and laughing like loons for hours. She made me a pair of pants decorated with hilarious jokes written in neon pen once, and we also famously framed a terrible thong as a questionable present for a friend. I love Lois v much, and these days our hangouts are not filled with wild abandon and pant-anecdotes so much, but chats about kids and life and work and quite a lot of cake and wine. She makes me laugh and makes me tea and never mentions my terrible fringe from 1989; what more could you want in a friend? She’s ace.

  8. Sharon says:

    I was going to enter this competition to nominate my wonderful friend Helana (above) but I see she beat me to it!!

    Even if we don’t win I want to write something in the spirit of Galentine’s day becasue that’s what Galentine’s day is all about right? Celebrating how awesome your female friends are!

    I am nominating Helena for this because she was the first person I thought of when I saw this. A fellow WMYP fan and she was even with me when I got the email!!

    Almost two years ago I came to Japan, on which can only be described as a whim (can it be called a whim when the application process is 9 months?!). I arrived in this country knowing no one, with no Japanese and coming out of a difficult period of my life. It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done, and I will never regret coming here for so many reasons, the biggest one is because of the people I met here. People like Helena!

    Helena was one of a group of people who came to meet me at the airport, we went out to lunch afterwards and she came back to my apartment after with some other people to show me around. She nudged me to keep me awake (jet lag) and she kindly offered to let me use her internet so I could let my family know I had arrived safely. She didn’t even yell at me when I woke her up later that night because I had fallen asleep and never contacted my family. On a day that is a blur of jetlag and meeting people I remember her kindness clearly and how welcome she made me feel, which meant a lot because as she said we are almost 6,000 miles from home!

    In this country you are basically iliterate if you can’t speak the language, so I became dependent on other people to help me to do the most simple of things. Helena helped me to negotiate everything from going to the hairdresser, to buying groceries to the complicated recycling system they have here. She drew me maps to help me navigate the city (and got me lost more than a few times!) She sympathsed with me when I was struggling with a difficult co-worker or when I was homesick. She patiently explained things to me and answered all my questions. She gave me an oven (so expensive here) and a beanbag for my apartment. She supported me in ways that I can’t explain and that she doesn’t even know and that I am so grateful for.

    Our friendship is based on our simialarities and many of our co-workers think that we look alike but we also have similar tastes in clothes and have a tendency to wear the same thing.
    Which doesn’t help matters! We even love the same style of WMYP pants!We share a sense of humour, a love of baking, a love of eating and have even worked in the same schools.

    I am so lucky that I moved into the apartment next door to her, I don’t know where I’d be without her and I am so glad I get to have another year or so here with her. Thank you Helena!

    Also I want to say to Amanda above that I think you are an amazing and courageous woman for what you did and I am so glad that things are going well for you.

  9. beckypants says:


    Thank you all so much for your wonderful contributions to our Galentine’s Day story competition! It was wonderful reading your stories – funny, heartwarming and just plain lovely.

    Picking a winner was hard but really – what can beat someone posting a treacle tart!

    Congratulations Meera – and @elly.lock – Please let us know your pants sizes and where to post them to!

    • meera says:

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, I’ve never won anything before.
      All the other stories are so wonderful. You sound like such awesome people.
      amazing elly will send you the details
      Thanks again! Very big fan of WMYP 🙂

    • ladyfrogblog says:

      Thanks so much!! Everyone’s entry was so good! Let me know how to get details to you, I’m @ladyellylock on Twitter if useful! ❤ WMYP!!

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