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Let’s Talk About Pants – online

tl;dr – Last week’s Let’s Talk About Pants was great but we’ve cancelled the rest due to booking levels. We’ll do a tweet chat on 11th March 8-9pm and FB chat soon, dates TBC

This time last week I was rushing around a room in New Zealand House in London, getting set up and ready for Let’s Talk About Pants. This is part of our long discussion about how we can show pants on women’s bodies on our website in response to customer requests to see where the pants sit, without sexualising or objectifying women.

When I got the the news was mixed. The wine had arrived – hooray! – and the pizzas had been confirmed. And our parcel had arrived, via TNT.

Parcel. That’s a singular word.

We’d sent two parcels, a black case that contains our two pop banners, and a purple suitcase containing, ooh, fifty lingerie trade magazines, pants for people to wear over their clothes, tape, glue, t shirts, business cards, flyers, threads, tape measures, tools of our trade – all the stuff you need if you want to get people to suggest photos and layouts and ideas for how we might depict pants or pants making….

Guess which one hadn’t arrived?

Never being one to let the entire absence of everything I’d thought I needed get in the way stop me, I dashed off to a supermarket and was back with an armload of magazines before you could say YOU HAD ONE JOB, TNT (by the way – we’ve still not got our case back. *waves* helloooooeeee there TNT!)

At 5.30 pretty much on the dot, people started arriving *waves at Louisa*.And it was a *brilliant* event. Utterly brilliant.

My heart was warmed by meeting people like Alessandra and Shelley and Louisa and Liz and Sophie who I’ve chatted to by email and social media a hundred times but never met. And by seeing old friends like Kate and Clare. And meeting new people like Elly (who shared Hollie McNish’s wonderful poem Cupcakes or Scones which I urge you to watch), Katie, Catherine and Katherine (I’m sorry I can’t remember everyone else’s name) and hearing how much some of you love this tiny business. It’s a huge compliment and I imagine I feel something like a parent does when you tell them they have a beautiful baby. We got loads of great – great – ideas and we are still working through the papers and posters and collages. See all the pics here

I learned a lot at the event – not least that if you have 70 people signed up, you might only get 35 attend. That’s totally fine but very useful to know. Each event costs a minimum of £500 for us to run and we are a tiny business focused on creating jobs for marginalised women. £500 is a lot of wages money and so we have to weigh up what we spend funds like that on.

Today, right now, I was scheduled to be setting up in Manchester to do the same thing there. I’m writing this in Southampton – I’m not there.

Yesterday morning, I looked at our eventbrite pages for the upcoming Manchester and Birmingham events. Both had fewer then 20 people signed up. It was reasonable to expect that that might have meant ten people turned up.  That £500 is a lot of wages money to hazard on an event and so I cancelled both. A few kind people emailed saying they were sad. I’m sad too – selfishly, I’d have loved to meet more people who love this business. And I have no doubt that it would have been fun and we’d have found some great ideas. But £500 is a lot of wages money and I have a responsibility to make sure it’s used in the best way possible.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a chat on twitter and facebook about this (dates to come) and I can’t wait to hear your ideas. Please do join in – the collective brain of Team Pants is a wonderful thing!


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  1. Liz says:

    It was lovely to meet you and other people too 🙂

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