Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

We turn waste fabric into Pants. But what do we do with our waste fabric?

tl;dr – we generate bags of tiny scraps of fabric waste. Do you want it?

We source every single scrap of fabric that we use from waste. We are too tiny for any of the big factories to even notice let alone talk to so we work with a middle man. He buys – by the shipping container load – *everything* that is left over from big factories. Bra strapping, hooks and eyes, rings (the loops your bra strap goes through where it joins onto the band at the back) as well as fabrics – stretch and rigid lace, swimwear fabrics, microfibres and lycras and printed loveliness.

We love using reclaimed fabrics – just love it. It’s like a trip to a treasure chest going to the warehouse on a sourcing hunt and there’s something deliciously exciting about finding a few metres of this and wondering how best we can turn it into something beautiful. And we – I – really like taking waste and turning it into something new, instead of requiring – demanding – that new fibres be made.

So we source from waste – but we also make waste. Not much but some. And we’re sure it could be useful for something.

We’re using some of it ourselves. We’re excitedly working on what we’re currently calling ‘crazy pants’ – pants made out of the largest bits of what we have left, in random colour combinations and mixtures. They’re so fun (and launching next month). But we’ve bits left we can’t use.

For a while, a local charity shop took our fabric waste. They sold it by the kilo into the rag trade and it made them some extra cash. This felt very nice. But they’ve said that they can’t do that any more so we’re looking for a new use for those scraps.

If you’re interested in this stuff please do let us know and we’d love to pass them on! The scraps rang in size from the tiny – an inch square or less – to the long and thin – an inch wide and maybe a foot long – to the raggedy and everything in between. There’s no rhyme or reason to the bags they’re in – this is our rubbish so it’s not sorted by size or colour or anything.

Do you want some? Some of them have been used in art and we’re sure there are all kinds of uses out there for you creative minded people! Do let us know – we’d love to send this stuff off to new homes!



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4 Responses

  1. Tegan Jones says:

    Hi Becky, If it’s large enough to practice stitching on (similarly we dislike buying new fabric, especially just to practice on!) – our embroidery students in our livelihoods project in Madagascar (www.stitchsainteluce.org) would find it really useful? We have staff and volunteers going out regularly who can put it in their cases.
    Let me know if that would work,

    Best wishes


  2. beckypants says:

    Hi Tegan

    Oh how wonderful that would be! Some bits definitely are biggish but some are small – and it’s not sorted. Still good? If yes ping us an email to hello@ with the weight or size of package you’d like and we’ll take it from there. Bx

  3. suekrekorian says:

    I could certainly use some lace bits to create new fabric for textile art – it all gets painted so mixed snippets are fine…

  4. Liz says:

    I do patchwork and other sewingy stuff, so could make use of scraps of fabric.

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