Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Why we don’t always tell you Who Made Your Pants?

We’re called Who Made Your Pants? because we tell you. It’s simple. We believe in transparency (though rarely transparent pants) and openness and being honest about what we do. We think that factories can be places where there’s fun as well as hard work and that business can be a great engine for social change. We’re not ashamed of anything that happens in our factory, we’re proud of our work and how we do it.  So far, so simple.

But sometimes it’s not simple.

The fact that I had an idea and I wanted to know who made my pants doesn’t mean that every single woman sitting at a sewing machine in our little factory wants her five minutes of fame. There are all kinds of reasons why people might want to use a pseudonym on our website – or just not be mentioned at all. I could tell you about the very real risks that can come with being named but the irony is that if I did, I’d put at risk the people we try to help stay safe.

Something that happens quite a lot is that we get asked for details of our team’s pay packets. Now – yes. Of course if you’re checking out whether a business is decent, that’s important information. But would you like it? If your boss told someone on twitter how much you earned?

We’ve talked about that here and what we will – and do – say in answer to that is that everyone here starts on minimum wage. If they complete probation successfully, they receive an increment to that. Every job role’s hourly rate is linked to that base level hourly rate. When minimum wage changes, everyone’s hourly rate changes.

More than that, and more than we have on our team page, we don’t and won’t say. Our team are real women with real complex lives. They’ve family all round the world and the internet can be read anywhere, by anyone, whether friend, curious stranger or foe.  We’ve all got our dignity and our personal information is personal and private.

So. We’re proud to tell you Who Made Your Pants? And we know you’ll understand why some things are for our eyes only.


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