Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

What are our packaging materials made from?

tl;dr We buy everything recycled  and UK made that we can – all our paper packaging materials have a majority of recycled content and are biodegradable

We love reclaiming fabrics to make our Pants from and so it makes sense to us that we use reclaimed/recycled materials to post them to you.

Our Pants look nice and feel nice and we want every part of receiving them in the post to be nice too. We’re not got a shop for you to come and meet them in so we need to make that moment when you open them lovely for you.

The boxes we post your Pants out in are – we think – about as beautiful as a cardboard box can be.

They’re also made from over 90% recycled material, right here in the UK. When we were looking for a box supplier in the beginning, we were really surprised to find that it’s almost impossible to get a 100% recycled box so we settled for 90%+ knowing that the boxes we chose were strong enough to reuse as drawer organisers/building blocks for forts (we’ve been sent pictures) after they’ve been through the post. They come to us flatpacked and we make them up here. We like these a lot.

The paper tape we seal the boxes with is 100% new content and made in the UK. We’re testing recycled tape right now. We’re happy with the strength here and are testing a few boxes in the post. The main function of the tape is to be secure so if you’ve ordered recently look out for a note in your parcel and if yours has one saying it’s used recycled tape please tweet/FB us a pic of how your parcel arrived. Work in progress.

Our tissue paper is mostly recycled but not 100%. The actual percentage varies depending on the colour, but is a minimum of 60% recycled content. This is made in the USA – we would *love* to find a UK manufacturer of recycled (nice looking and feeling) tissue paper in a variety of colours. We’ve looked online and at trade fairs and not found one – if you know of one please tell us in the comments!

The little logo labels we seal your parcels with and the address labels we put onto the boxes are sometimes recycled and sometimes not.. We buy labels from a green supplies company and they’re little and sometimes don’t have what we need. And sometimes we get a local printer to rpint them for us and it depends what we have. We’re working on finding an all the time solution.

The ribbons we use to seal gift wrapped parcels are currently from a variety of places – floristry suppliers,  a local shop, a UK manufacturer.  We only really need quite small quantities at the moment and the minimum we’d need to order from a wholesaler is often beyond us. We’re working towards building a relationship with a manufacturer soon and we’re hopeful that can be a UK one.

Our boxes, tissue paper, tape, packing slips and labels are biodegradeable, compostable, great for building things out of or storing treasures in. And we love this from Liz – who upcycled some of the ribbon on one of her pants parcels


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2 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    The smallest boxes are the perfect size to reuse to send a pair handknit socks in the post.

    I’m glad you like my reuse! I’m planning to make some more gowns, so might repurpose some more ribbon I’ve had from you for those.

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