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Wedding planning? Pin to WIN a Brand New Knicker Drawer

We’ve weddings on our mind at the moment. Not just because I’m as proud as PUNCH that I’m going to be Groomswoman for my wonderful brother and his fabulous fiancee at their wedding this summer (I LOVE THIS SO MUCH), but because for the first time EVER we have found some fabric that we love that is suitable for Bride Pants.

On the 17th April, a tiny Bride collection will go on sale.

We’ve 160 pairs of Ding Dong Belle in our Aimee style

ding dong belle f lr

60 pairs of Mari Belle in our Cecilia style

Mari Belle fLR

and a tiny 40 pairs of Blue Belle in our Rosalind style

bluebelle fLR

They will all be £18 – no launch pricing as they are just so limited. There will be gift wrap options and keepsake boxes too. All three Pants have old and new covered – Old as in reclaimed fabrics, and New Pants. And Mari Belle and Blue Belle also get your Blue!

We’re also going to be launching a New Knicker Drawer product on April 17th – and that’s what you could WIN!

Lots (really, lots) of women have told us that when they got married, for hen presents, each woman going to the hen do (all of these women were keen to stress there were no L plates or veils involved) bought them a new pair of knickers. We thought this was a lovely idea and so we’ve found some beautiful Blue keepsake boxes, and a hen party or group of friends can come together and build a Knicker Drawer of your choice for the Bride, something that she will really treasure. The gift of a good pants day is hard to beat!

So, how to win?


  1. Before 23.59 on the 16th April, Follow us on Pinterest, set up a Board called WMYP New Knicker Drawer competition.
  2. Pin this Original Pin to it from our board here and pin your favourite seven Pants from our website, including your favourite Bride Pair. 
  3. Put the link to your Board and the date of your wedding into a comment under our Original Pin
  4. Cross everything for luck!

The winner will be announced on April 17th when our Bride Collection goes on sale. Whether you win or not we wish you a wonderful wedding and a very happy married future!



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