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New shipping rates coming – beat the increase

New P&P Rates as of 31st OCTOBER 2013

A recent enquiry, asking us to to ship 15 pairs of pants to the USA, sent us off to review our pricing. We set our shipping rates up a little while ago, and back then it hadn’t occurred to us that people overseas might want to buy lots and lots of pants, so our website wasn’t set up to cope with it.

Well happy days – if you want to buy 15 pairs from us in the USA or Australia or wherever else you happen to be, we will make that possible!

We ‘ve brought all the price brackets in line and we can send lots of lovely pants wherever you like.

Our new rates are below.  We’ve highlighted in BOLD ITALICS the rates that will change during the day on October 31st 2013. As you can see, the price for shipping our most popular orders – 1-3 pairs – remains unchanged across the world.

Please note that all international postage is sent Internationally signed for.

1-3 4-6 7-10 11-14 15-20
UK £3.50 £4.50 £7.00 £10.50 £14
EU £10 £12 £23 £33 £44
Rest of World £12 £14.50 £28.50 £39 £50

We’re going to be updating postage costs for every single country in the world on the 31st October so place your orders in our shop by 23.59 on the 30th October 2013 GMT to beat the increase


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Honk Honk! Closing the Comic Relief circle

Those of you who follow us on twitter and facebook will have seen me talking recently about something called Team Honk. Team Honk is a group of people determined to do something funny for money for Comic Relief, founded (some may say whipped into shape by) by three awesome bloggers, Tanya, Annie and Penny

Well, as well as going off to Ghana to see the impact of the funds raised by Comic Relief, these intrepid folks decided to walk up Snowdon – in March, in the cold – and to add the ‘something funny’ – they wore our bright red pants over their trousers, superhero style.

We’ve been told they got a few looks, but that it helped lighten the mood, which is what you’re going to need when you’re stomping up a mountain in Wales (my homeland is not known for the most clement of weather, eh?) in March

We love that this happened as we were part funded by Comic Relief some time back. They gave £5778 to pay for a trainer for our team, to deliver and embed technical and employability skills for a period of time. And we love – love – that we have been able to close the circle by, in a tiny way, being part of giving something back.

Team Honk have, at the time of writing, raised £5664 (almost as much as we were funded by) and while, of course, we want you to keep on supporting us and buying our pants, if you’ve any spare dosh, I’d urge you to bung it their way. Our work isn’t done yet – the circle isn’t completely closed – but every penny given to us went to making a real difference and I’ve no doubt that very other organisation supported by Comic Relief was as grateful and supported as we were.

There are more photos and videos of Team Honk than I can shake a pair of pants at but my selected picks of are these…

Team Honk, before the event, giggling like giggly things

Pants on a hen

Team Honk, the movie

Pants in the Air (scroll down)

Read more about Team Honk here

and about it’s intrepid, awesome, and determined founders Annie Penny Tanya

GO Team Honk!

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Happy Birthday Samia!

Well HELLOOOOOO everyone and welcome to our first post of 2013! What a day it is – it’s sunny, the birds are singing and it’s our GORGEOUS Samia’s birthday so we are offering £5 off her favourite pants, the STUNNING Shocker, just £13, today ONLY!

We’ve lots planned for 2013 and we are working out the best ways to keep you all informed about it – I don’t know about you but I find it pretty hard to keep on top of all the various channels that information can come to me through. We’ve tried a few things that we’re going to stop (like our short lived tumblr account, soon to be deleted – we really prefer Pinterest, have you seen our boards here ?)

We’re still having fun in the world of pants, we’ve moved a wall to make our production space bigger and brighter and we’re working on some exciting offers for various occasions this year. Lots of women have told us that they buy their best mates our pants as birthday and Valentines presents, so we’re doing a gorgeous present for your best women for Valentines day, plus a little something for Mothers Day, and Easter.

We’re also going to be at the third FANTASTIC WOW festival (can you see us in the video?)


at the Southbank Centre again, 8 – 10 March, and will be selling a little something suffragette themed, available there only. Come over and say ‘Deeds Not Words’ to find out more! We’ve been part of WOW since it started and truly love going there.

We’re also planning, at our team’s suggestion, a birthday party – we are going to be the grand old age of FIVE in December. Save the date – 12.12.13, party, London, somewhere. We’d LOVE it if you could join us!

Back to the factory, hope 2013 is treating you kindly so far

Becky and the Who Made Your Pants? team

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