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Happy birthday Emily!

We love a reason to celebrate here at Who Made Your Pants? and today and tomorrow we’re marking two important dates with £5 off all of our ‘Rosalind‘ pants.

Today, April 15th, is our amazing Emily’s birthday. Emily is a graduate of the world renowned Contour Fashion degree course at De Montford University, Leicester and is building up her own business as a designer and volunteering with us while she does so. Em tends to wander around our factory singing quite a lot – she’s a cheerful soul! Em also makes great savoury pancakes and was the backbone our our Pancake Day celebration this year.

You may know that we celebrate birthdays here with offers on the birthday person’s favourite pants – well, our Emily has actually struggled to pick and so while she has called our soft and lovely ‘Burnt Caramel’ ‘a great winter pant’ because of the warm soft jersey, we’re combining her birthday offer with marking another date too and we’re giving you £5 of three different pairs of pants, all of our Rosalind shorts, through today and tomorrow.

Our pants are for ‘Women Who Want to Know’ and tomorrow, April 16th, is the 55th anniversary of the death of a woman wanted to know A LOT. Rosalind Franklin, whose important contributions to the world of science often go unmentioned, had a particular interest in structures at a tiny, tiny level – she made critical contributions to work around understanding the actual structure of DNA including taking fantastic photographs of the soon to be famous double helix. There are scientific awards in her name and while we can’t claim to match those, our ‘Rosalind’ pants were named for her as she won our poll of Unsung Women last year. We loved that so many people suggested and then voted for her and we hope to be part of the choir turning her from an unsung hero to a sung loud one!.

We hope you’ll join us in our celebration even if you can’t join us with birthday cake – shop the offer here until 23.59 on Tuesday 16th April.



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Happy Birthday Samia!

Well HELLOOOOOO everyone and welcome to our first post of 2013! What a day it is – it’s sunny, the birds are singing and it’s our GORGEOUS Samia’s birthday so we are offering £5 off her favourite pants, the STUNNING Shocker, just £13, today ONLY!

We’ve lots planned for 2013 and we are working out the best ways to keep you all informed about it – I don’t know about you but I find it pretty hard to keep on top of all the various channels that information can come to me through. We’ve tried a few things that we’re going to stop (like our short lived tumblr account, soon to be deleted – we really prefer Pinterest, have you seen our boards here ?)

We’re still having fun in the world of pants, we’ve moved a wall to make our production space bigger and brighter and we’re working on some exciting offers for various occasions this year. Lots of women have told us that they buy their best mates our pants as birthday and Valentines presents, so we’re doing a gorgeous present for your best women for Valentines day, plus a little something for Mothers Day, and Easter.

We’re also going to be at the third FANTASTIC WOW festival (can you see us in the video?)


at the Southbank Centre again, 8 – 10 March, and will be selling a little something suffragette themed, available there only. Come over and say ‘Deeds Not Words’ to find out more! We’ve been part of WOW since it started and truly love going there.

We’re also planning, at our team’s suggestion, a birthday party – we are going to be the grand old age of FIVE in December. Save the date – 12.12.13, party, London, somewhere. We’d LOVE it if you could join us!

Back to the factory, hope 2013 is treating you kindly so far

Becky and the Who Made Your Pants? team

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