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Good gifts 2.0

It’s that time of year when Christmas gift guides are falling out of newspapers, and the shops are selling mince pies that have a best before date of the 30th November. There’s no denying it – Christmas is coming. And there are the choices to make. Buy a thing that you’re not sure will be wanted? A voucher in a small envelope that you put in a series of big boxes to extend the unwrapping (it’s like pass the parcel but the unwrapper definitely gets to win). A charity donation? Something edible? Nowadays, lots of people have the things they need, and so presents are more about a little indulgence. But it can be tough knowing what will tickle someone’s fancy.

We’re selling pants, and gift sets and gift vouchers – and of course, we hope you buy them. They’re beautiful things in themselves – if you haven’t seen our STUNNING Pirate Pink have a look here http://s.coop/7gw7, it’s gorgeous! But we want you to know that if you give our pants, you are giving so much more. You’re giving hope, pride, achievement, a job, a future – not bad for a few quid, and a great story to tell over the crackers and champagne.

Charity gifts are great and have been increasingly popular over the last few years. We love the donations to projects that provide roundabouts that pump water and the bicycles to get girls to school and we’ve bought them and received them. But sometimes you really want to wrap something up and see someone glow when they see that gift that you chose just for them. There’s something really exciting about buying gifts from businesses like ours, social enterprises, businesses with a purpose. We think these are Good Gifts 2.0 – where giving and getting come together and kind of come of age. I really believe that business is GREAT done the right way – jobs are great. We all want one – you want one. The women we work with want them too, and by buying our pants, you’re helping create them. Who knew pants could be so powerful?

Buying as opposed to donating is also important because you’re not just giving, you’re getting. And that’s more important than you might think. You’re getting pants that real women made, and are proud of, that they made in a room full of the radio and gentle chat, after we’d had lunch (more cake!) together. You are buying someone else’s achievement, their creation, and enabling them to create more, be more proud, achieve more. You’re buying a sliver of their pride and learning, helping them learn more. You are helping them have a space in the world to achieve. That’s hard to wrap a ribbon round but you can tell the story when you hand over the box.

Food for thought eh – after all, it is lunchtime



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Who wants some free stuff? And Bonfire of the Panities now onsale!

Quick update …

We’re going to be running a bunch of giveaways in the run up to (yes I am going to start talking about it now) Christmas. And of course, you’re going to want to be in with a chance of winning – yes?

Most of the time we’ll be offering winners a choice from three options. But.. but but but…. there will be one fantastic Christmas stocking available in December with over £300 worth of skincare and beauty treats inside, plus another one put together with gifts for a mum of little ‘uns who likes her beauty stuff fast and long lasting in mind. And we’re going to pick the giveaway days at random – we like being inspired by how things are going here.

Details will be announced on twitter




as well as via our mailing list – you can sign up to that here http://whomadeyourpants.co.uk/otherbits/contact.php

so keep your eyes peeled and tell your friends!

Oh and how could I forget – our GORGEOUS October pants, bonfire of the panities, are now onsale. Love them! See them now on our front page


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