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Fit, Sizing and riding up

We’ve been asked a few times recently about the fit of our pants, specifically about the question of ‘riding up’ and so I think the time has come to write a bit more in depth about our styling, sizing and fit.


Our two current styles, Aimee and Rosalind, are both designed to fit and cling closely without any elastic to hold the pants up. The stretch and cling all comes from the fabric. To make the fit perfect, we fit a size ten on our designer, and a size 16 on me, and that way we know that our styles work for real women at either end of our size range.


Neither of our styles gives full coverage of the bum – the back panels sort of skim across halfway down the buttock, and this is where the scalloping on our lace ensures no VPL.


Now. What that doesn’t tell you is that our pants have a centre seam. This is – and there really is no other way to say this without sounding like a double meaning is intended – a divisive issue. Some women love it, and find it perfectly comfortable. I honestly can’t feel my pants on me right now, and I am concentrating on trying to! Other women can’t bear it. In many cases, this relates to women who are used to a traditional ‘brief’ shape which has elastic at the waist and leg, a single panel of fabric going from side seam to side seam, and gives quite full coverage. If that’s what you are used to, our pants will absolutely feel different on. This centre seam is part of what makes the fit so good but it has to be said, it is designed to, er, fit snugly between the buttocks, and so, what I might feel as ‘snug’ someone else might feel as ‘riding up’


Saying all of the above, we’ve reviews on our site by women who have loved their comfort while running marathons and doing zumba classes.


I think what it all comes own to is personal preference. And what you’re used to. If you have worn centre seam type shorts from other places, and know what you are getting in terms of fit, then I would be confident you’ll be happy with our pants. If you are looking for something a bit more ‘brief’ type, I’d say watch this space until we bring out side seamed pants.


In all cases, do do please be aware that our sizes are designed to CLING and the pants WILL fall down if you buy them too big. We’ve been told by a number of women that they ‘always’ buy pants a size too big to prevent digging in. No elastic = no digging in so that problem isn’t going to occur, but you may well find the pants move about and feel a bit odd if you buy too big a size. If you’re an M&S/Next type of shopper buy your usual size. If you’re between sizes, go down not up. If you are a Top Shop/Miss Selfridge/Zara type shopper, you may find our sizes a bit generous, so again, go down a size rather than up.


We’re ALWAYS happy to talk through any sizing questions over the phone – call us on 023 80225536 We aim to make every day a good pants day – let us make than happen for you!




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