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The End of the …

The End of the Week

So, it’s the end of A Good Week and the end of Refugee Week. It’s been a busy one, eh? We hope you’ve enjoyed our photos, recipes and stories this week and that you agree with us that business can be good, refugees are very good, and that we’re doing good. We know we are.

If you’d like to know more, we have have an open day coming up and you are very very welcome. All the information is available via http://whomadeyourpants.co.uk/shop/misc_products.php?misc_id this page

Thanks for being with us this week – we hope you want to know more and that it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Becky, Della, Samia, Sacdiya, Yasmein, Batol, Zuhra and Hawa


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Dispatch When …


When orders come in via our website, we transfer the information to our finance system and make up the order paperwork. These paper slips are collected once a day – any order placed by 1pm on weekdays will be shipped that day.

Whoever is dispatching the orders goes to the stock room, picks all the pants they need into a green picking box, and then takes them out to our reception area where there is a nice big counter to wrap on. Each order is wrapped in white tissue paper, sealed with a little sticker, and put in a sturdy brown recycled cardboard box with a packing slip (which has our newsletter on the back) and an information leaflet about all our team.

The box is sealed with recycled paper tape and then a beautiful sticker with our logo goes over the tape and the name and address are handwritten on.

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Yasmein smiles …

Yasmein smiles shyly and often and is an excellent cutter. Having works in a government office back home in the Sudan, Yasmein is keen to learn about our office a swell as the factory. Yasmein brings in flat breads stuffed with lovely fillings and has been doing exams recently.

 Day in Your Life



Midnight – 6am I woke up at 6am and started prayer
6-7am I went downstairs and made some tea for me

and my husband and then we drank it together

7 – 8 AM
8-9 AM I watched an Arabic programme on tv
10-11AM I called up my friend
11-12AM I went on my computer and used the internet
1-2PM I Prayer Duha
2-3PM I then went for a nap
3-4PM I made myself some rice with chicken for lunch
5-6PM I watched some more tv.

My favourite television series was on.

6-7PM I prayed Isha
7 – 8 PM I made myself a coffee
8-9 PM
9-10PM I prayed Asr
10-11PM I went to sleep

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Stock Room The…

Stock Room

The stock room is a small and crammed space. We keep all the pants that we have made in here plus gifts that we plan to give away, and our beautiful vintage scarves that we use as part of our Gorgeous Gifts

The pants are separated by size and colour and are stored in beautiful black boxes that were being thrown away by The Ordnance Survey in Southampton. The whole room smells lovely because we were given a box of goodies by Lush and the remaining few bits are still in there!

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Recipe for a pa…

Recipe for a pants business


Take one unhappy woman

Add counselling

Stir gently until she likes herself

Watch the bubbles of an idea start to form

Stand back – there will be fireworks.


Add friends to stabilise

Heat continuously.


Remove from unfulfilling job

Add one group of women who want jobs, a bunch of fabrics that were about to be thrown away, the generous support of more people than you’d expect, a huge pinch of optimism, a dash of ambition, a ladle of naiivety and a thirty seven pounds of determination.


Occasionally, drop in surprises.


Change the recipe.




Leave this mix on a gentle heat

Unexpectedly boil occasionally

Watch our for unexpected bubbles, blips and explosions

Taste often, season, taste again



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Becky is our fo…

Becky is our founder and managing director and when asked why she doesn’t have children, jokes with the team that Who Made Your Pants is her baby – it keeps her up all night, takes all her time and money and she worries about it growing up. Becky is the outside face of the business – if you’ve seen us at an event you’ve probably met her. She talks at about a hundred miles an hour and is most often found in her office behind a door with a red traffic light on it.


A Day in Your Life


Name: Becky






Midnight – 6am



Get woken up by cat knocking phone on floor.

Walk downstairs to trick cats into thinking they will get fed.

Go back upstairs, shutting cats out of bedroom.

7 – 8 AM

7:47 alarm

8-9 AM

Get up feed cats, have breakfast


Check email and twitter and cycle to work along the river


Catch up with Della


Phone call with solicitors about accident.

 Announce May review competition prize draw winner.


12:30 Lunch




Write 3 drafts for funding applications

for £130k total to community learning fund





Cycle home via portswood to post pants and buy salad


Listen to the Now Show  6:30 Radio 4

7 – 8 PM

Cycle to friends house for dinner

and to work on funding applications

8-9 PM

Drink pink champagne, eat nuts, work on funding bid


Give up on funding, drink more wine, eat dinner


Drink more wine, east strawberries and soft cheese


Cycle home happy full and tired



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Trim Overlocke…


Overlockers leave long loose looped together threads so Trimming is a vital part of the process. This is done by Sacdiya who has a very keen eye for detail. She uses either a pair of snips or scissors, and it is when Sacdiya has finished her Trim session that we know how many pairs of pants the team have made. She leaves them piled up by size and once they have had final oversight from management, they get put away in the Stock Room

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Della is our He…

Della is our Head of Operations. This means she makes everything flow inside the building. Nothing fazes her, and it’s almost like the more things are going on, the better she copes. Della manages all the workers, the volunteers, the stock, she makes sure everything is ready for us to go to events, and just generally is the oil in the machine of Who Made Your Pants? Della is a huge Chelsea Football fan, and, no cook, the first recipe she submitted for us was ‘walk to the vending machine, put money in, get chocolate out’

A Day in Your Life

Name: Della


Midnight – 6am Sleep
6-7am Sleep through cat trying to wake me up
7 – 8 AM Give up and feed cat, bath, dress
8-9 AM Cycle to work, open up office
9-10AM Answer emails, check orders, arrange volunteer work

Arrange workshop with designer

10-11AM Speak to designer, order material

Arrange new stockroom plan,

Arrange orders

11-12AM More discussion about materials,

phone suppliers re satin labels,

check training workshop

12-1PM Write session report,

redo stock list, update stock list on computer,

have some lunch

1-2PM Check in with volunteer,

gave out new tasks, check emails

2-3PM Check on workshop, discuss new pants,

check progress in stockroom

3-4PM Check emails, send invoices to customers,

update on system

4-5PM Deal with last minute order, order boxes,

last check on email

5-6PM Tidy, lock up office, cycle home.
6-7PM Meet friend for drinks in weatherspoons
7 – 8 PM Back home pizza for tea,

feed cats and wash up

8-9 PM List items on ebay, take photos, catch up on news
9-10PM Watch some tv, Alan Carr
11-12PM Fall asleep early

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Della is often …

Della is often walking in two directions at once as her job is to make everything here work, and to make sure everyone has what they need. When it comes to cooking, though, her multitasking fails and we’ve seen her eat

toast on spaghetti rather than spaghetti on toast before. We’re assured it tastes the same


Recipe: Spaghetti on toast


Take one can of spaghetti

Two slices of bread

Spaghetti in microwave for 3 mins

Bread in the toaster

Mix together

Add cup of tea

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Make The main …


The main seams on the pants are done by Zuhra and Hawa on machines called overlockers. Look inside your T shirts – see that edge where the zigzag stitching goes all the way up to the edge? That’s overlocking. The stitching, actually, doesn’t have to be done all the way to the edge of the fabric though – what happens in the machine is that a blade cuts to the edge of the stitching – wherever that happens to be –  so it’s very easy to accidentally turn a size 14 pair of pants into an 8  or rags!

When the seams are done, the pants go to Samia who attaches the cotton jersey gusset with a different sewing machine and then any one of the team will finish the seams neatly and sew on the ribbon bow on yet another machine.

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