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In the summertime….

Hello there pants fans!

It’s been another wet and windy week here in Southampton… we’re cheering ourselves up by planning exciting things but we need all the help we can get, eh – summer, where ARE you?

This week, commencing the 16th, is going to be our last week of production for a few weeks. It’s Ramadan, and this means our team will be fasting. As we use machinery and knives, and it’s warm, we’ve agreed that the production area will shut down briefly. They’ve told us about how it is in different countries -in Dubai, everywhere is air conditioned, and in many countries, people sleep in the afternoon and then break their fast with dates, and work in the evenings, after dark. For us, the management in the office, the time our team take off at Ramadan gives us a time to plan and review. The work we do around employability is not done quickly and so we’re always looking for ways to add more and teach better.

One exciting thing that we are setting up is a crowd funding project around buying machinery and training for our upcoming new style. As some of you may have read before, we work with women who were not lingerie makers when they came to us and so we develop skills gently and carefully. Our next style will introduce new skills and techniques. We’ll be crowdfunding with Buzzbnk (pronounced Buzzbank) http://www.buzzbnk.org. The corwd funding model is really interesting – if you’ve not heard of it it’s basically us saying what we want to do, how much it will cost, and then people who want to see that happen, people commuting funds to it in exchange for the promise of something. So, we’ll say, for example, if you commit £15, you get one of the first pairs of pants that rolls off the line. It’s an investment in developing an idea you like. We like it!

This coming weekend – the 20th – 22nd, we will have a stall at the first every Winchester Science Festival. We’re very excited to be part of this – we are official supporters – as it has a stated commitment to supporting and promoting women in science. The 21st July is the anniversary of the last ever shuttle landing back on Earth, in 2011 – we think that every little girl should be able to dream of being an astronaut, with as much chance as her brother of that becoming real. If you’re local, see you there?

Until next time – thanks as ever for supporting us

Big love,

Becky and the Who Made Your Pants? Team


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Pants – and science!

We just sent this press release… Exciting, yes?! We’ll be there every day, too!



Gorgeous pants and Science might seem an unlikely combination but the connection lies in the commitment both organisations have for supporting and promoting women.


Managing Director Becky John said, ‘Who Made Your Pants? is all about empowering women, and science is still an area that is often thought to be ‘men only’. Many of us were put off science at school and it can remain a closed book, something that someone else does. As someone who has, as an adult, grown to love the way that science helps us to understand our world, I’m passionate about enthusing women and girls with the curiosity to poke things and ask what makes this work?


Winchester Science Festival’s aim to promote women in science, and the fact that over half of the speakers in this inaugural year are women, is a delightful testament to the fact that this is not ‘men only’ – we just need to show it off.’


Festival Director James Thomas agrees, ”The fantastic rise in public interest in science has started to chip away at the traditional ‘old men in white coats’ image of scientists but Winchester Science Festival also aims to try and dispel the ‘men’ part of that misconception. From Hypatia in ancient Greece to Rosalind Franklin’s pivotal role in the discovery of the structure of DNA, women have always played a crucial role in the advancement of science and I want to celebrate this at the festival’.


The Festival programme has been carefully planned to include a broad range of subjects and a full young person’s programme will run alongside the adults’ events.


Talks range from Dr. Tori Herridge discussing her latest discovery of Dwarf Mammoths on Crete to

Professor Jim Al-Khalili sharing his love of paradoxes found at the cutting edge of physics.




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